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About me
Hi, I'm Gabi, and I love to make digital products and services better for both customers and the business. After finishing my master's in psychology, I worked as a psychometric data analyst, and the best part of my job was making complex insights understandable to everyone through story-telling, as methodology and statistics didn't seem to be that exciting by themselves (peculiar, right?). I knew that, no matter how well-planned and executed data collection and analysis were, it was the ability to convey the insights to others that brought true value.

That focus on end “customers” is what steered me in the direction of user experience and service design. Finding out what the user's goals and frustrations are, and then making a solution that serves them to get to that goal with confidence and ease is a truly rewarding process. Being able to work with behavioral and cognitive patterns to reduce anxiety and frustration in everyday life is something that makes me excited to work every day. On top of that, aligning with business goals and working within technical, budget and other constraints is always a problem-solving challenge that exercises our ability to be adaptable and flexible.

In my free time I “lift heavy things and put them down”, spend time with the freeloader pictured beside me, and drink a concerning amount of coffee. If you'd like to grab one with me, do reach out, as it's (really) hard for me to say no.
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